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You are my Everest!

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Doyles Bridge Hotel is not ordinarily somewhere that I would go for a burger, but the description of the Wagyu burger and spiced kipfler chips on the side was just too tantalising to pass up.

Sadly, the real thing did not quite live up to the description in black and white.

Situated on the water in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs, seafood would seem to be a safer bet at the relaxed deck bistro.

While the patty in the Wagyu beef burger had a decent flavour, it was just ridiculously thick. Think Mondo Burger from the classics 90’s flick, Good Burger.

Seriously, the burger was my Everest.


The monster patty!

There was absolutely no way that you could fit your mouth around it so the only option was the knife and fork.

I love my burgers but there was no way I could get through the entire thing PLUS all the yummy kipfler chips.

The bun was nicely charred and despite the patty monstrosity, it actually all held together quite well.

There were lashings of melty cheese, ample crunchy pickles and nice fresh salad to accompany the meat and the overall mix was actually quite pleasant.

It was just too damn big.

If you’re a man on a mission and like a burger that is predominantly meat then this might be up your alley. But despite the quality of the Wagyu, for me it was just too much of a good thing.

1 Nepean Highway
Mordialloc, VIC 3195

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