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The Wagyu burger at Markov Place in Carlton was a really nice surprise.

Recommended to me by a friend (which always makes me nervous in case I don’t like it) it was a pleasant change from a lot of the American style brioche, heart attack inducing burgers you see nowadays.

A soft, floury fresh roll encased the thick beef patty, which was cooked medium.

Yummy and filling!

Yummy and filling!

The charred, rosy pink meat was deliciously juicy and full of meaty flavour, something which I often find you miss in a Wagyu patty.

The smear of avocado was really refreshing. Something you normally only see in chicken burgers, but I think a lot of the beef counterparts could really do to adopt it- because it was great!

The cheddar cheese slice could been slightly more melty, but that is only if we nitpick.

The beer pickles and salad were crunchy, fresh and fab.

However, it was the free range bacon that was a standout. It was chargrilled (yes, you could actually see the grill bar marks), but yet somehow more like pork crackle than the thin leathery bacon I was expecting.

It brought all the other wonderful flavours together and added a beautiful crispy texture to every bite.

The fries were golden, crunchy and just oily enough. They accompanied the burger beautifully.

With a ridiculously large amount of beers on tap and a cosy but casual atmosphere, I suggest you head to Markov Place with some mates soon!

350 Drummond St 
Carlton, VIC 3053

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