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The Belle of the ball

Stepping inside Belle’s Diner makes you feel like you are walking into one of the classic American diners we are oh so familiar with, thanks to Hollywood.

You can sit up at the bar on the stainless steel bar stools and check out the action in the kitchen, or slide into a booth before being presented with menus outlining all your favourite American, cholesterol heavy dishes.

Dinerr burger

Dinerr burger

The Dinerr burger (apparently a Twin Peaks reference for those of you who remember that TV show!) was where my head was at. I will start off with the positives.

The wagyu beef patty was one of the best I have ever had! A deliciously meaty flavour, the perfect thickness and juicy and charred in all the right places, this was certainly a standout.

The caramelised onions were full of flavour and complimented the extremely generous serves of pickle inside the burger and served as a complimentary side dish on the plate (an awesome addition!). They were fresh, full of crunch and plenty of bitey flavour.

The tasty cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo were generously served and unable to be faulted.

The bun however, was a huge letdown. Even for brioche it was noticeably sweet, but more importantly it was very dry, to the point where it didn’t feel pleasant in your mouth.

The paprika seasoned fries were tasty, but not life changing and we had to ask the waitress three times to bring us some sauce to go with them.

Because the wagyu beef was so well put together it was still a decent burger overall, but with a fresher, fluffier bun it could be a real showstopper!

150-156 Gertrude St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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