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I would walk 500 miles….

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If you are hungry (and I mean really hungry) for a truly spectacular burger, then it is worth hopping in the car/ on a train and making the somewhat lengthy journey to Eltham.

A family business with a welcoming vibe, The Burger Lounge is tucked away on the corner of the main strip of shops in Eltham.

As soon as I walked in, the friendly staff asked me if I had been there before and upon learning that I hadn’t, excitedly walked me through the menu, suggesting little tricks here and there as to what condiments and extras to order.


The classic burger with cheese, herb chips and house made onion rings.

The ginormous burger appears on a huge wooden board, surrounded by perfectly herby, salty chips piled up in a little pot and shaggy looking house made onion rings which seem like they were created specifically to be a deliciously light vehicle for the garlic aioli.

I can not understate the amazingness of this burger. Although the size of it would make Michelle Bridges’ eyes get that look of molten hatred in them that she gets when watching people guzzle four litres of ice cream for breakfast, it is great as a ‘sometimes food.’

For my first visit, I just wanted to keep it basic, so opted for the “classic burger with cheese,” however, with 24 burgers on their menu you are certainly spoilt for choice!

The sturdy bun was covered in cape seeds and the like, which almost tricked you into thinking you were eating something healthy. It was great because this, in addition to the other fresh elements, didn’t leave you with that greasy, post junk food coma you get with some burgers.

The free-range beef patty was a rosy pink colour, cooked medium, which left it in an impossibly tender state, but not so rare that juice dripped everywhere.

I am a fan of salad, so the excessive amounts of gourmet lettuce piled in underneath the patty were right up my ally, but might be a bit overwhelming for everyone’s taste.

The tomato relish was sweet but bitey at all the right moments and the herb aioli was subtle, but creamy.

This meal was so large it left me feeling like I needed an after lunch nanna nap, yet it was one of the most satisfying and delicious burgers I have ever eaten.

I am very much looking forward to making the trek back out to Eltham to tackle some of the 23 other burgers and wide variety of sides and desserts on their menu.

What a winner!

902 Main Rd 
Eltham, VIC 3095

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